How To Make The Perfect Cuppa Soup

Cuppa Soup: Under sail, the yachtsman’s friend.


Uncomplicated, the cuppa soup can be a lifesaver while under sail.  Sometimes it is just the thing when you are cold, hungry, and it is too rough to make anything more substantial. As a result, much time and research has been put into perfecting the making of the humble cuppa soup.

Start in the supermarket and steer away from the supermarket own brands. Spend the money, Batchelors is your friend. My favourite is chicken noodle, but golden vegetable is also rated by the crew.

Fill the kettle and put on to boil. While you are waiting, empty the cuppa soup sachet into a mug and once the kettle has boiled fill the mug with about an inch of water. Stir this for a good 30 seconds, both clockwise and anti-clockwise, making sure you have dissolved all the powder. Now slowly fill the cup, stirring the whole time.* If your soup contains noodles, let it sit for a few minutes before drinking to allow the noodles to soften.

*In a heavy sea a few adjustments are required to avoid burning yourself. After putting the cuppa soup powder into a mug, place the mug in the sink. Once the kettle boils pour in a splodge of water and stir to dissolve as above. Then, with the mug still in the sink, slop some more water in, stop and stir, and repeat until the mug is full.

After you’re done, sit and enjoy. It is a “great big hug in a mug” after all!

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