I Love Spanakopita

Yes, I love spanakopita. However this love was not shared as in my house there lives an onion hater. Yes, an onion hater. So my love was not shared as in many spanakopita recipes onion features heavily, second only to the spinach in most. Now, I have hidden onion in many things, but I was... Continue Reading →

Heather Honey Granola

  Granola is great as the variations you can make are endless and you can use whatever you have left over in the cupboard. The version below is not the chunkiest, but has a deep heather honey flavour. Ingredients 1 cup / 130g nuts (whatever you have to hand, here a mixture of brazil nuts,... Continue Reading →

How To Make The Perfect Cuppa Soup

Cuppa Soup: Under sail, the yachtsman's friend. Uncomplicated, the cuppa soup can be a lifesaver while under sail.  Sometimes it is just the thing when you are cold, hungry, and it is too rough to make anything more substantial. As a result, much time and research has been put into perfecting the making of the humble... Continue Reading →

Anchor Dram

Anchor dram: A drink had once you have reached your destination and the anchor is set. Tried and tested choices include whisky, rum and coke, gin and tonic, or even a bottle of beer. But let's think outside of the box... try a Seadog... Pour a measure of gin into a glass. Add some freshly ground... Continue Reading →

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